Blended Learning; Integrating Moodle to Facilitate Reading Comprehension Activities

  • Sriwantoro SMA N 2 Pangkalpinang
Keywords: blended learning, Moodle, reading comprehension activities.


This article examines the integration of Moodle to support face-to-face reading class learning activities since the management of learning reading comprehension as a single activity in the classroom is not sufficient. Students need to read outside the classroom and the teacher monitors students' reading comprehension activities. This can be realized by integrating Moodle in teaching and learning activities as a form of blended learning. More specifically, this best practice article illustrates three things, namely: (1) learning planning, (2) implementation strategies for integrating Moodle into face-to-face learning reading comprehension activities, and (3) The results of utilizing moodle to facilitate students’ reading comprehension activities in blended learning context. Students at one of senior high schools in Pangkalpinang are participants in this study. Furthermore, in this best practice, there are two data sources; document analysis and interview. The document analysis is taken from the learning activities where Moodle is used to visualize the picture of reading comprehension narrative text activities. Data from interviews are used to describe students' attitude in integrating Moodle in learning reading comprehension of narrative texts. It was described that Moodle, forum and quiz feature, were developed to support reading comprehension activities. It is also illustrated that students' attitude on the use of Moodle is positive; Moodle motivated students to work on Moodle questions so that they learn more actively, effectively, and reflectively.